CMTO Teri RossI have been in the Internet marketing and web development business since 1995. As an entrepreneur and retained consultant, I have worked with Fortune 500 companies, SMBs and many start-ups. My experience and knowledge around strategy, marketing, technology and web analytics is well recognized. Having built and sold an online trade publication, I am well versed in all areas of digital marketing and publishing, including but not limited to inbound marketing, e-commerce, channel integration, platform development, resource allocation and sourcing. With a strong foundation in web analytics, my services focus on the delivery of measurable results … what gets measured gets managed.

My passion lies in helping clients demystify what to many can be a complex subject. The plethora of half-truths that surround tactics such as SEO, marketing automation, social media, and mobile marketing, not to mention the constant struggle between marketing and IT departments, manifests a perfect storm that causes many a CEO and business owner to develop gray hair.

Certified Social Media Marketing Associate

As a retained Chief Marketing Technology Officer (CMTO), my objective is to help executives make informed decisions around

  • Shaping digital marketing strategy
  • Choosing the right partners
  • Allocating appropriate resources, and
  • Building an analytical culture

With that said, my objective is to help businesses drive online leads and revenue with a data driven strategy that identifies the ROI of all initiatives. I have industry expertise in apparel and footwear manufacturing, sporting goods, textiles, printing, textile printing, retail, software and SaaS. Since my strategy is founded in data collection and analysis, I am able to assist executives in any industry to make business decisions that are based on fact, not opinion.

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Teri Ross